The new Google Ads

The new Google Ads

PostBy: Richard S. On: Sun Apr 01, 2007 1:29 pm

As I'm sure you noticed there is some new Google ads appearing on the forum. The new ads appear on the top front page for everyone. they also appear in the forum and topic views. For non-members they appear at the top, for registered members at the bottom. I figured there was no reason bothering registered members with ads.

I don't like them myself but I want to get a dedicated server for this site and few others and that will offset the cost.

The only place they don't appear is in the Manufacturers corner and the Member only forums at the bottom. I'm sure Jerry at LL would not be too happy to see a ad for Reading Stoves in his forum. :lol: I really have no control over what ads are served except to deny them based on domain, if for any reason you find any ads you deem inappropriate let me know. Make sure to send the URL of the offending site.

If you're logged in the ads in the topic and forum view will not be relevant to the site. You'll notice that many are for digital cameras... The ads are targeted by the content of the page, however the URL's for logged in users differ from those that have been crawled by Google bot so Google has no idea what the content of the page is at the moment. Slowly but surely the ads will become relevant as the they have a special bot just for this task.

If you wish to advertise here you can do so through Google or directly through Nepadigital.
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