Some Cool Pictures I've Taken

Some Cool Pictures I've Taken

PostBy: Richard S. On: Sat. Apr. 07, 2007 12:09 pm

I'll be adding a few pictures I've taken ove the years here occasionally, feel free to comment or add your own pictures. You could start your own thread if you wish.

First up my Pride and Joy and also my pure luck shot because I have no formal training. This was taken at a state park outside of Show-Low Arizona. This area unfortunately was one of those areas affected by wild fires a few years later. According to the person I know in Arizona it was all basically wiped out.

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The other two are from Petrified National "Forest" also in Arizona. The first one listed is of pretirfied tree bridge. Note how the rock on the one side forms arounf the tree. The concrete was added if I remeber correctly in 50's or 60's. The ranger even pointed out that if that was the only way to save it tody they would not do that and I can see their point. There was another place that I visited some very old indian ruins and all but a little bit was modern giving it a plastic look.

The other picture is what they refer to as the painted desert, speaks for itself.
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