wood/coal inserts

PostBy: JADE FREED On: Tue Apr 24, 2007 5:27 pm

hello everyone,

i have had a hitzer 983 for 2 winters now and I think it is a great stove. I mostly burn wood in it because of the free access I have to it. when I burn the wood, I use the spin outs on the door to supply air to the fire, I also have the secondary vents open also. these vents are located near the top of the stove on both sides of the damper rod. I am using the stove as a free-standing unit( I just added some legs) in my finished basement. I have also added a manual damper to the 8" flue to really make the stove efficeint. my house is 40 x 30, 3 stories counting the basement, all livable space and the gas furnace only ran in the mornings when it went below 0 at night. ( feb. gas bill= $39)
I've burned anthracite for about 2 or 3 weeks each of the winters. the first winter I used nut coal( the size of 2b gravel), this last winter I used stove coal( almost fist size) and liked that much better. I don't know if it was because of the size of the coal or if I understood the technique a little better. I used between 1.5 and 2 drywall buckets a day during february when it was finally cold here in sw pa. 78 in the basement, 72 on 1st floor,66 on 2nd floor, it doesn't get any better!!! I really liked using the coal because of the low maintenance of the fire...morning and evening, shake ashes, add coal, 12 hour burns...when using coal I have the spinouts completely closed and only use the air slide that is on the ash pan door to control the fire
for my situation the dual fuel stove works out great, not just beacause of the availability of the wood, but also beacause of the milder temps experienced in oct,nov,dec, march, april in my area....let the supply of free wood run out and you will see me building a coal bin out back...
also want to say thanks to everyone that posts here,this is a great site, I have learned alot here...

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