new taxes effective 1 Jan 10

Re: new taxes effective 1 Jan 10

PostBy: lowfog01 On: Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:28 pm

Hi guys,

Did anyone catch this on Chris Matthews? Listen all the way through. So much for looking at the "content of character and not the color of skin." What a bunch of hooey! I don't understand why people can't get over the race thing. If Obama is doing a bad job, it's not because of his skin color - he is doing a bad job! And that can be documented! Unemployment at 9.6% and rising. :roll: Increased national deficit. :roll: taking over parts of the private sector. :roll: Give me a break! This country elected its first black president and he won with a 52% majority. Doesn't that prove we as a nation have gotten over the race thing? It wasn't a mandate but it was enough to put him in office. He has done a stinky job, not because he is black, because he doesn't know his A$$ from a hole in the ground about business or how to manage anything. I think I'm going to throw up! Lisa ... us_history
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