For our existing customers

For our existing customers

PostBy: Eric On: Tue Aug 07, 2007 12:28 pm

We are currently in need of some testimonials from some of our Coal Gun customers for use on our website and printed literature. If we have your email address on file, a form letter went out to you about a week ago. We are offering a 15% discount on your next parts order from AHS. I know that this doesn't mean that much to Coal Gun owners because the Coal Gun doesn't really break down very often. So, for Coal Gun owners, we are extending this 15% discount to any upgrades you want to make. This would be a great time to retrofit the thermo controlled grate option onto your machine or order some spare bearings, ceramic heat shields, belts, etc.

If anyone is interested, feel free to post a testimonial in this thread or email it to me at [email protected]. If you post below, be sure to personal message me with your real name and email address.

Guidelines for writing a testimonial:
1. Include your boiler model.
2. Include where you are located (city/state)
3. Length should be roughly 50-250 words.
4. Remember that details are always better than general statements.

Thank you

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