The 7th Clean Coal Forum 2011

The 7th Clean Coal Forum 2011

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The 7th Clean Coal Forum 2011
March 24th-25th | Beijing, China

Asia-Pacific’s Flagship Event Focus on Coal Chemical and Clean Coal Power Generation
Building on the massive success of the past 6 clean coal programs that has generated huge success by attracting 1900+ industry players, and intriguing great enthusiasm and pursuit of clean coal technologies especially in China and Asia Pacific market, the 7th Clean Coal Forum 2011 will be held on March 24th to 25th in Beijing China, which is designed to concentrate on the key issues including China’s energy policy with the arrival of 12th Five-Year Plan, the process of the Demonstration coal chemical, IGCC and IGCC polygeneration projects, and the advanced clean coal technologies.

 Updating the latest government regulations and developing trends of coal industry in China
 Learning the progresses of China’s large-scale coal chemical and IGCC/ IGCC polygeneration demonstration projects
 Exploring the forefront of leading edge clean coal technologies: coal gasification, direct coal liquefaction, indirect coal liquefaction, coal to methanol, methanol to gas, IGCC and coal-based polygeneration

Conference Structure at a Glance:

Day One Day Two

Energy Policies and Development Strategies Clean Coal Power Generation and CCS
Coal Chemical Projects and Technologies Coal Gasification and Polygeneration
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