Hi Yall New Here, Need Advice

Hi Yall New Here, Need Advice

PostBy: Tnguy On: Mon. Jan. 03, 2011 2:03 pm

Hi, just got a new wood/coal furnace and I wanted to get some coal to try it out, I have been burning wood for years but never coal. my back is getting worse and im not going to be able to cut/split or handle wood too much longer ANYWAY im in middle Tennessee about half way between Knoxville and Nashville and im looking for a suppler of coal for my stove, someplace I can take a trailer and get a ton or two at a time. any help would be grateful ... thanks much
Stove/Furnace Make: United States Stove company
Stove/Furnace Model: 1557M

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Re: Hi Yall New Here, Need Advice

PostBy: CapeCoaler On: Mon. Jan. 03, 2011 2:24 pm

You may want to burn soft coal...
Hard coal will be more expensive due to trucking costs...
Several members burn sof coal and will point you in the right direction...
The bit forum...
Using Bituminous Coal
Stoker Coal Boiler: want AA130
Hand Fed Coal Stove: DS Machine BS#4, Harman MKII, Hitzer 503,...
Coal Size/Type: Pea/Nut/Stove