How to Properly Install a Coal Stove?

How to Properly Install a Coal Stove?

PostBy: Bobthetomato On: Tue Sep 04, 2007 12:13 pm

I was hoping to get some advice on how to properly install a coal stove. I am getting an Alaska Kodiak coal stove. Do I simply need to connect the 6" black stove pipe from the back of the stove to the opening in the wall that runs to the chimney (the chimney is about 30 feet tall with a 6" of 7" diameter). I also heard something about a barametric damper (?sp). Any advice on how to properly install that stove would be greatly appricated.

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Re: How to Properly Install a Coal Stove?

PostBy: LsFarm On: Thu Sep 06, 2007 7:51 am

Hello Bob, welcome to the forum, take a look at the various threads on the forum, you will find lots of photos of stove installations.

The basics: maintain at least the manufacturer's minimum distance to combustable surfaces, place the stove on a tile, brick, concrete or other non-combustable surface.

The flue pipe hook up should have one of the elbows be a 'tee', with one end capped. By removing the cap, you can clean out the flue pipe. Coal stoves don't need as much cleaning as a woodburning stove, but fly ash does accumulate in horizontal pipes. It is much easier to clean out through a 'Tee' than having to take the pipe joints apart.

I would recommend a barometric damper in the install. You should with that tall chimney have more than enough draft, and if you have too much, it will pull a lot of heat up and out of the stove, and cause too fast of a burn rate too. The Baro-damper will control the excess draft.

Hope this helps.
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