Coal Quality

Coal Quality

PostBy: gizmo On: Sun. Jan. 16, 2011 9:45 pm

I am shopping around for coal for the future.I have Blaschak and Reading bagged
Pea available.I see a lot of people dissapointed with the Blaschak coal this year.I
am on my Fourth year burning Reading Coal and have ZERO complaints.It all came
in the same load so I don't know how their coal is now.Just wanted to get your
opinion.I don't have a good way to handle loose loads yet,so I will get bagged again.

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Re: Coal Quality

PostBy: japar On: Thu. Jan. 20, 2011 12:30 am

I have used Blaschak for 4 years bagged both pea and nut thats all I ever used. But this past summer I got 5 tons of coal out of a basement that just rocks. I like it so much better. it has a lot less ash, the ash is finer I get complete and alot longer burns, never lose a fire and a faster recovery. So the next time I buy coal I would try something different than Blaschak .
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