Just Checking

Just checking

PostBy: coalnewbie On: Wed Jan 19, 2011 6:53 am

Just checking back with you solar guys on how much power you are producing these days.
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...$17,000 for 200W and now (a roll on the drums please) they are moving to China as we continue to subsidize them. Would any accountants on the board like to lay out a ROI on this baby. Oh, they last 10 years or so except would anybody like to survey users as to how many got wrecked in the ice storm? Of course, the official word is none of them, hmmm, thats funny as in my neighbors $200,000 installation it would seem to me that about 25% of his roof install is now in his front garden in a big frozen pile. I'm sure there is no damage and he will give me an accurate assessment of the imputed costs of repair. Also (of course) there really is no difference in output on icy, cloudy days :?: He laughs at my coal install (that went out with the 50s!!!). PS, he lives up a little hill and a long way back - anybody want a video of the oil truck trying and failing to make a delivery.

I haven't laughed this hard since my other neighbors log splitter blew up on my land collecting those "free" wood droppings I so generously gave him. I really should be nicer to him as he saved me from having to cut up and get rid of the stuff.

Meanwhile the village idiot here is in front of his Poco drinking an early morning cup of coffee and stroking the cat. Damned cat won't move from the chair in front of the stove, I just know how he stands the heat. I put in a cat door specifically so he could earn his keep and catch rats or do something useful. When I go over and rattle the door to remind him of his appointed feline duties he looks at me like I am crazy. :partyhat:
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Re: Just checking

PostBy: blrman07 On: Wed Jan 19, 2011 8:21 am

I have a stoker stove and a boiler that heats the 2500+ sq ft house burning rice coal. I also have two 30 tube evacuated tube panels for heating water going to a blower unit in the living room. It has a low temp sensor on it that starts the blower at 104 F. I don't generate any electricity. When we get a sunny day during the dead of winter ( December - February) I get very little heat from the solar system. But in the pre-spring, spring, summer and fall days when the temps are bouncing around, it provides all the heat I need. Also from February to November, it supplies all the hot water demand for the house. I designed and installed the system myself saving megabucks on labor. With the exception of the evacuated tube panels themselves, I used only parts that were available at your local hardware store. I was building a system that could be easily repaired using common parts, pumps, and electrical controls.

I calculated a ROI payback in 5 years. Year two is down. In three more years I'll recoup all my initial investment and start banking money. And yes I know exactly how much coal I used to burn in 12 months vrs what I am burning now. I am calculating my savings in real dollars, not some mumbo jumbo numbers made up by an accountant.
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Re: Just checking

PostBy: Yanche On: Wed Jan 19, 2011 8:35 am

How about posting some photos. Are the evacuated tube panels repairable? Can a single failed tube be bypassed, saving the rest of the panel?
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Re: Just checking

PostBy: blrman07 On: Wed Jan 19, 2011 8:49 am

The evac tube panels do not have any water going through the tubes. There is a header at the top and the each spot where a tube "plugs in" is actually a well or nipple that extends into the header. The evacuated glass tube has a copper heat tube with a gas in it. It also has a copper nipple that sticks out and that is inserted into the header. As the sun heats up the gas inside the copper heat tube, the gas gives up it's heat at the nipple to the water passing through the header and around the well inside the header. The heat tube sits inside the evacuated glass tube. If something or someone breaks a tube, you sweep up the glass, take the heat tube out of the header, insert it into a new evacuated glass tube and plug it back into the header. No leaks no fuss, no muss except for the broken glass. Hail is about the only thing that will destroy the panels. The evacuated glass tube is to separate the heat tube from the environment. They start producing heat with minimal sunlight and even work on an overcast day. It doesn't need direct sunlight like a flat panel.

go to http://www.wearesolar.com

This guy is an independent that only sells the panels, insulation, and some controllers. check out the photo gallery. My install is the very first photo there. You can get an idea of how the different people installed there systems. If you know how to solder copper, you can install your own system...check out the web site. He has a very good description of the systems and more than enough information on the site to make your head spin around.
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