Driving Directions Please

Re: Driving Directions Please

PostBy: Rick 386 On: Wed. Feb. 09, 2011 12:37 pm

After all the input from here and looking at Mapquest our intended route is as follows:

78 east out of PA to 287 north to 87 north to Newburgh NY (I hate going through NYC) Then 84 east to 90 east to 290 east toward Wooster (lol) then 495 north to 95 north into Maine.

We will be staying in Beaver Cove which is right above Greenville at Moosehead Lake.

And from what I hear, they gots oodles of snow. Right Freddy ???

We like it there because they are set up for snowmobiling more than in PA. We anticipate several hundreds of miles on sledding.

We will be leaving tonight around 5:00 and will lay over in Chelmsford. Then on to Maine the next morning. We will miss most of the traffic tonight. However coming home next Monday, we will be right in the midst of it. But who cares ??? It will be after the trip and we are only coming back to work anyway !!!

As far as the fuel goes, I use http://www.findfuelstops.com It worked out quite well last year for us. And the website even lists fuel prices. Looks like it will cost more this year. Last year costs were near 2.99/gal this year looks like 3.79- 3.87/gal

Rick 386
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