Funny stuff in the media regarding inflation..

Funny stuff in the media regarding inflation..

PostBy: qbwebb On: Thu Feb 10, 2011 1:30 pm

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J.P. Morgan says that even in the face of recent food price gains, they expect prices to move higher still over the next few months, due to low inventories and slack production. The brutal weather of recent weeks, ranging from cyclones and floods in Australia to uncommonly cold weather in the Southern U.S. and Mexico, has made the agricultural climate even rougher.

Will that have an impact on inflation? In the developed world, the answer is probably not. Agricultural staples make up a surprisingly small amount of consumer inflation measures because of efficiencies in production. The calculus for emerging markets is different. And already food and energy costs are contributing to inflation spikes in China (around 5%), Brazil (5%) and India (9%).

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As for inflation, "I think there's plenty," Rep. Paul says, citing "skyrocketing" commodity prices and rising food prices. One problem is the Fed's reliance on core CPI, which famously excludes food and energy and relies on hedonic adjustments. "They rig that number," he says. "[Bernanke] looks at government stats that are fudged to reassure him he doesn't have to do anything."

I don't know about the rest of you, but if i breakout my expenses by the month (after U sam takes his FITW) and spread evenly over the yr the top 4 ranking goes

1. Mortgage
2. Food (2 adults, myself=wife x 2 in body weight)
3. Property Tax
4. Energy (coal, electric, gas etc)

why is CPI still being used to drive any sort of policy? Is it because the average ranking for policymakers and author of article # 1 is

1. Mansion
2. Country Club dues
3. Yacht payment
4. Aspen ski vacation home
5. Jaguar Lease (aka fine dining)
45....Energy ?
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