Coal Boiler Buffer Tank, Any Success or Failure Stories ?

Re: Coal boiler buffer tank, any success or failure stories ?

PostBy: Kenbod On: Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:29 pm

I can prove that a boiler tank with a Kaa-2 (which only holds about 24 gals) will improve efficiency. There is no doubt.

But most folks burn coal for reasons of economics. What I cannot prove is that such improvements in efficiency would ever save the owner any money.

My Kaa-2 system would save around 5% in overall efficiency with such a unit. If one is considering the Ergomax at around $1200+ installed, I would advise caution. $1200 buys me (in CNY) almost 5 tons. The return on investment would be longer than the anticipated lifespan of the Ergomax. An older electric water heater or galvanized well tank from Tractor Supply fro $200 would pay back much faster.

Remember, you can heat with electricity at about 100% efficiency. But you don't. You heat with coal at about 80% efficiency because it costs 75% less.
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Re: Coal boiler buffer tank, any success or failure stories ?

PostBy: lsayre On: Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:38 pm

As Indirect Hot Water tanks go the Ergomax E23 is priced right in there tit-for-tat with nearly all of them, so if you are buying it as an Indirect Hot Water tank, you are getting its boiler buffering feature essentially for free.
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