A Challenge to Anthracite Stove Makers

Re: A challenge to anthracite stove makers

PostBy: Short Bus On: Sun Apr 17, 2011 4:38 pm


Excelent post, three above this one, clear, concise and informative.

Short Bus
Short Bus
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Re: A challenge to anthracite stove makers

PostBy: nortcan On: Sun Apr 17, 2011 6:10 pm

Franco, thanks for the photos.
Here in America in opposition to Europe (Ex. France...) we like to change things very fast and tear down a lot of nice things=in a lot of places, we can see a nice old construction demolished with no respect for the antique question to build bigger, newer...homes, marts... nothing stop the Progress. And I was a part of that concerning stoves. I tryed for the past 20+ years to find the best, perfect stove. With 4 brand new VC, I failed. With the Vig ll, I had to keep my "hard head" on to make a new, supposed to be modern stove works at a much better way than when new. Making some maintenances on a 100 yrs old stove is normal. But not so much modifs on a new one.
I don't really know how the Golde Bride will work but it can't be worst than the Vig ll. This is my personnal experiences. Some may be less exacting than me but I'm.

For the question of the new stoves makers, make good woking, simple, "" NICE "" stoves and they will sell. A choice of models should be considered. Just look at Godin in Frane. More than 150,000 units/year. They have antique and modern models, wood, anthracite and multi fuel. The custommers have the choice. And we talk about one companie. Maybe we should begin to think like Ford and look at something different and incorporate it to what we make now. Then make the BEST Beautiful stoves.
Some will answer that, the market is a small one. NO. The custommers are there. If we had THE STOVES we would have the custommers. And I would be the first one to buy it. Now, the Ford cars are not all black...
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Re: A challenge to anthracite stove makers

PostBy: wsherrick On: Mon Apr 18, 2011 3:48 pm

AKShadow wrote:I challenge anthracite stove makers to make functional, good looking stoves designed for bituminous coal!

Don't hold your breath on this one. Get a good oak stove, preferably with the double heating option. The Oak Andes is a good one. One of the best stoves for bituminous is a Hickory Glenwood. Barnstable Stove Shop has a nice large one for sale with the indirect back pipe feature. Another really good quality stove for bituminous would be a Florence Hot Blast. They are pretty common and these have the over fire hot blast air ring to burn off the hydrocarbons. Forget buying a new free standing type stove to burn bituminous well. Don't tell me they are really nice but they are too expensive, just pick one out and get it. :) Then you'll have a stove that is beautiful and will actually work well with the fuel you have available. If you find something out there in garage sale land or craigslist, ect. that you think you want. Let me know please. I will be more than happy to assist if I can.
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