Bagged "premium deep mined anthracite coal " ????

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Bagged "premium deep mined anthracite coal " ????

PostBy: mlchelp On: Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:15 pm

I burned my 6 tons this winter and went to Argots hardware store in Effort, PA to pick up 20 bags of rice to get me through the winter, I paid 8.50 for each bag Thats 340 a ton, I have been getting my coal for the last 2 years from Mengle coal and oil in wetherly for 170 a ton delivered. I purchased the Harman super mag 2 years ago and I had only burned the coal from Mengle which I was told was very good. It butns very hot but it produces alot of chunky granola type ash. After burning the new coal I purchased in bags I noticed there is alot less ash and it is fine and powdery and very llite to carry the ash bin. It also burns much hotter and the stove pretty much sits idle all day. I would love to order the bagged coal in a bulk delivery if I knew where it came from. The bags are a beige color and the only thing written on the bags is premium deep mined anthracite coal coal heat for today clean convenient anf conmfortable And then a check box for the size, Rice, Pea, Nut etc. The guy at Argots told we his boss buys it somewhere in Pittston or something like that. Does anyone know where this coal comes from or are these just generic sacks that evryone is using? I would love to get some in Bulk, it burns much hotter with alot less ash.

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Re: Bagged "premium deep mined anthracite coal " ????

PostBy: Rob R. On: Fri Apr 22, 2011 12:30 pm

I believe those are just generic bags. Here is a picture of some I got in 2009.

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Hudson Anthracite is close to Pittston, and they are known to have a quality product.
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