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PostBy: Coalfire On: Sun Apr 24, 2011 8:13 am

Rhys12 wrote:Most of the old rustproofing methods didn't work well or were counterproductive. Especially as the job was usually done in a rush. Cars rust less today because they now use galvanized metal underneath, better paint, and a lot of plastic above.

The oil idea probably works if you keep it up, but as a former mechanic I can say it makes them a total mess to work underneath.

Yeah I know what you mean, being a mechanic today I could see that oily goo being a mess to work with. Oh well sucks to be the mechanic that gets to work on my vehicles, oh wait thats me :shock: :lol: :P . Anyway I am seeing to many vehicle rusting now adays. I saw an 05 F150 with the cab corners rotted out. I am starting to see rust on my vehicles and want to slow the proccess, I hate buying cars, but I still want mine to look decent.

Thanks to all that replied, Eric
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Re: Rust Proofing

PostBy: europachris On: Sun Apr 24, 2011 11:04 am

There are several products marketed for aircraft corrosion protection (and likely identical or very similar to some of the new automotive companies like Rustop that Berlin mentioned).

There are many others, of course, but these are well known. The ACF-50 is a thin, purplish liquid that doesn't form a waxy film and they sell sprayers to allow application to large areas.

My VW Jetta ('02) has been remarkably free of any corrosion, even on the fasteners/bolts underneath. VW applied a thick waxy coating to all non-painted sheet metal (door interiors, fenders, etc.) and I'll actually get some wax drooling out of the door bottoms on very hot days. No rust, though! Also, the bolts VW used have some sort of greenish-blue plating or coating and they simply don't rust. I've had no trouble taking apart brake or suspension parts after almost 10 years and 170,000 miles of upper Midwest winters. Conversely, the '05 Liberty CRD is basically rusted together, which took about 1 winter. :mad: The only tool needed to work on it is the flame wrench.
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