Official Annoucement

Official annoucement

PostBy: coalnewbie On: Sun Apr 24, 2011 11:38 am

I am selling our Keystoker K6 boiler. It has been serviced annually since new by Barrows Coal Co, and the service manager will confirm that this unit is in great shape. It needs nothing repaired, just a new home. If is something you can use and you'll give it a good home, Ill let it go for $2100. We are going south for the winters now and use oil to keep the place from freezing

Sorry to break the news to you but Florida is already full of NE escapees
.. This is what happens after a c rppy winter up here..... until we get a year of hurricanes and then they all run back to VT. RT 95 is real busy. Also in my house stopping it from freezing (when I went to Fl for the winter) took 70% of the oil of it took being inhabited. I have found it cheaper to pay someone to look after the house and pile on the coal. Come on be honest, won't you miss those 60MPH winds and six feet of ice and snow just a little. Go see my buddy in Underhill, VT who lives above the 1500' line (where you are not supposed to build). Ask him why he is just coming home from Phoenix now... well it's 'cause there was so much weight of ice etc. on this roof that he could not even open the front door.... and you are thinking of missing out on all that fun. He went South this year as he was on his roof shoveling off the show etc. last year to stop the same thing from happening. He fell off and wrenched his rotator cuff. Silly accident, after all he is only 75 years old and he should have known to be more careful. You are getting soft, shame on you.
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