Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting

PostBy: e.alleg On: Sun Oct 14, 2007 9:21 pm

anyone hunt? Bow season opened up here in Ny this weekend, I'll wait for shotgun season. I didn't hunt last year because I moved from Connecticut and NY makes you take a hunters safety course before you can get a license, so I had to wait for a course to open up. I scored 100% on the test so I'm pretty happy :twisted: I can't wait to fill my freezer (hopefully!) I can hunt right in my back yard so it's convenient.
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PostBy: gambler On: Sun Oct 14, 2007 10:39 pm

I have hunted since I was 12. I used to spend every waking moment in the woods but I don't do that anymore (no free time). I still manage to get out and deer hunt with my daughter, she is 16 now and I am surprised that she still wants to spend time in the deer stand with her dad. I really enjoy hunting and spending the time alone with her. She has taken several deer but she will not gut them. She says she draws the line at getting all bloody. I don't mind doing it for her because she is built rather small (105 lbs) and can't move the deer around to get it field dressed. It is great sitting in the blind and cooking on the grill while hunting. That is something I started when she was old enough to hunt to make it more fun and that tradition has carried on to this day. We always enjoy the hunt even if we don't get shooting.
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PostBy: ktm rider On: Sun Oct 14, 2007 11:16 pm

I have hunted since I was small also. I like it so much I moved up to our property where we hunt. I built a loghome and now I don't have to drive to go hunting. I just walk out the door.

Gambler, That is a great story. I have two daughters ( 4 and 5 yrs. old) and they both LOVE to sit in the stand. Our hunting consists of all three of us climbing up in the stand. Once we get there we eat our lunch immediately . then we look around for a few minutes and then eat our snack. Then we go home.
Our whole hunt only last about 10-15 minutes but they love it and I do as well. :)
Besides, I will have plenty of time to really hunt when they grow up...
ktm rider
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