Stove Accessories

Stove Accessories

PostBy: Johnshan On: Thu. Jun. 23, 2011 2:13 pm

I am looking for information on your hot water heating accessories for the Econo I stove, as well as the auto ignition system.

How does the water heater work? Does it diminish the heating capacity of the stove to a noticeable degree? What is the cost and installation requirements?

How much is the auto ignition system?

Also, do you no longer sell the Econo 1? I do not see it on your website.

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Re: Stove Accessories

PostBy: Matthaus On: Sat. Jun. 25, 2011 10:47 am

Hi John, yes we still sell the Econo. Due to the newly designed Lil Heater we do sell very few of them however. The installation of a DHW coil in a 70k btuh stove such as the Econo does provide some challenges. You will have to run the stove hot enough to produce the hot water you need, therefore you will be using more coal of course and heating the surrounding area maybe higher than you would like. I would check out the Hilkoil site ( ) for more information on the product. Of course there is no free lunch, the heat absorbed by the water is now not available for the house, but it won't be blowing cold air, just using more coal.

We do not offer the ignition through our dealer network, however Automation correct can be contacted directly for information. We are still hopeful for offering this great system, however due to issues with availability of the tungsten for the elements we have elected to wait to offer it as an option. Here is their website for your convenience:

I hope this has helped, thanks for burning a Leisure Line Stove! :)
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