The cialis effect

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PostBy: wlape3 On: Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:34 pm

We also have vast deposits of oil in tar sands and shale ourselves. It will just take some more investment and technology to make it profitable to extract. Right now the oil companies don't care where it comes from so long as they make a good profit and that is part of the problem. They don't want to invest in new sources until they milk the old, easy ones dry. :mad:
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PostBy: coalnewbie On: Sun Jul 17, 2011 6:08 am I'm afraid you come to the conclusion t

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(Reuters) - Germany and Italy are expected to oppose any second release of emergency oil reserves by the International Energy Agency, which needs the backing of all 28 members if it is to pour more oil on a volatile crude market. ... V020110715
"Politics aside, the main reason we can see for the precise timing of the IEA stock release was that it coincided with clear indications from tanker traffic data that OPEC output would fall short of prior pledges," the bank said in a report on Thursday. "As such, it is difficult to conclude anything except that there is little or no spare capacity in the oil market." ... LE20110708

Yes guys, we have hit peak oil and O is doing nothing about it. If anybody tells me he is doing something about it by pushing electric cars and solar panels I'll scream.

In other words O wasted our reserves and oil supply does not look to be getting any better. As Lisa said it's like "Watching a slow motion train wreck". We need to be on a war footing to increase our domestic oil output but appear to be more concerned with political posturing on the debt ceiling (both sides to blame). I just dunno..... I have a bad feeling about this one. Our two party system, as it has evolved, makes America ungovernable.
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