Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

PostBy: lowfog01 On: Fri Jul 01, 2011 3:33 pm

Hey Guys,

Am I the only one that cleans the walls of my stove room every year and the walls in the other parts of the house every other year. I didn't used to but one year I decided I needed to paint and when I was doing the prep work I discovered I only needed to wash the walls. Seriously, everyone who came by thought I had painted! :lol:

I have used several different things over the years to do the job but wanted to share with anyone who cares what I discovered this year. This year I used a Swiffer wet mop and actually mopped the walls. It works great on latex wall paint but I don't know how it will do with a flat paint. I used the same Swiffer mop last year but had a hard time getting the spray to pump upside down. This year I used the premoistened mop pads and boy was it easy. I'm done with the stove room in record time about 6 hours total - spread over 2 days. A lot of the time was moving things. The length of the handle means I don't have to get out the step ladder; it reaches up to the top of my 13 ft walls. I'm almost excited to get started on my other rooms after the holiday. ;) Actually, I use the Swiffer mop handle a lot. I put paper towels on it to wash the windows of my bus and the bow window behind the azaleas out front. It sure bets balancing on a ladder. I hope it saves someone time and effort some day. Take care, Lisa
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