Question About Magnum Stoker Thermostat

Question About Magnum Stoker Thermostat

PostBy: jimbo970 On: Thu. Oct. 18, 2007 8:58 pm

Hey everyone,

I have a magnum stoker and this will be my second season using it. Last year I tried different feed settings and seemed to work most of the kinks out by Jan. The only thing I didnt do was use the thermostat that was provided.

Can someone tell me if this is critical for a reason or if others also do not use a thermostat or should I consider adding for this season. btw - will the thermostat control the control box timer?

Thanks for any replies and suggestions in advance

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Re: Question About Magnum Stoker Thermostat

PostBy: Matthaus On: Thu. Oct. 18, 2007 9:04 pm

The only thing the thermostat does is run the stove at whatever stoker setting you have (the number of dots you are pushing) until the set point is met. Then the stove goes back to whatever you have the timers set for until it calls for heat again.

Theoretically you would prevent the Tstat from ever taking over depending on how you have your timers set. It might be a nice backup for a really cold day or night when you are not around the stove to adjust it. Just make sure you have the stove set up so that it will not over fire if the Tstat calls for heat for an extended period of time. The manual has some pretty good instructions for how to set it up.

Have fun playing! :lol:
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