Hitzer Saga Continues...Need to Make Decision TODAY!

Hitzer Saga continues...Need to make decision TODAY!

PostBy: tammysue On: Fri Oct 19, 2007 9:26 am

Here is my new dilemma.....
When I went to the show room and looked at the Hitzer the sales person had a 30-95 on display which I went there to see and had decided on prior.
While there during our discussions, he basically talked me into the 50-93...said I would need the bigger unit.
He had one left in storage...I told him I would arrange for a truck and be back the following Saturday.
He called me last night and told me when he went to his storage unit, he did not have the 50-93 afterall, only the 30-95. He had two of those.
It will take 4 weeks for a 50-93 to be in if ordered.
So, I now have a dilemma. I can't wait four weeks, the cold weather is surely coming, although to date it has been very mild.
There are no other dealers in the area....should I go with the 30-95? Will it be enough Stove for my purpose?
1500 sq ft....I would not describe as tightly insulated...but wouldnt describe as no insulation either....maybe somewhere in the middle....
Any advice....I think the 30-95 will be plenty....but don't want to be disapointed. I am grumbling, as I type! You have all been helpful...the forum is wonderful, very knowledgeable insight....I could use just a little More.

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PostBy: coaledsweat On: Fri Oct 19, 2007 10:01 am

I would contact Hitzer, they should know where there is one. Maybe your dealer can get one from another dealer?

The smaller one is rated to 1800 sq. ft. the larger at 2500. Why does he want you to go that large? It seems way oversize for a 1500 sq. ft. house.
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PostBy: tammysue On: Fri Oct 19, 2007 11:00 am

Okay, I am going with my original 30-95, which he has...thanks I think I wanted someone to say that they thought the 50-93 would be overkill, which is what my first gut was...but then when faced with a sales person saying oh you want this....i wavered.
I am holding my course....Hitzer was my decision. and my gut says 30-95.
There one decision down.

PostBy: coal berner On: Fri Oct 19, 2007 11:56 am

Hi tammysue the 30-95 holds 30lbs of coal that Hitzer say will burn up to 30hr. and can heat 1800Sq.ft. and has a Opitional 134 C.F.M. Blower The

50-93 holds 50lbs of coal 50 hr. of burn time That will heat up to 2500Sq. ft. and has a Opitional 210 C.F.M. Blower So for a Extra 20lbs of coal you

will get 700Sq.Ft. Plus 20 Extra hr. of burn time I would Ask your dealer that if the 30-95 does not do the job for you could you upgrade to the

50-93 and How much more $ would it be to do that If you have to I would also call Hitzer Direct and see what they could do for you good luck on you Puchase Keep warm :)
coal berner
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PostBy: oliver power On: Fri Oct 26, 2007 8:00 pm

Here is my input Tammy Sue. I have both , the 30-95 , and the 50-93. Both great stoves. If your going to put the stove in the basement , and heat the basement in order to heat the 1500 square foot house , the 30-95 would be too small. Your dealer would be right about needing the 50-93. Should you put the stove up in the 1500 square foot living quarters , the 30-95 would be the way to go.
oliver power
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