Son's Rifle /// Need Bullets for Whitetail Deer

Re: Son's Rifle /// Need Bullets for Whitetail Deer

PostBy: coal berner On: Tue. Aug. 30, 2011 3:05 pm

europachris wrote:
coal burner wrote:back in the late 80's a few guys were experimenting with 22 - 240 mag trying to develop for market problems was at the time none of the 22 cal bullets would stay together long enought they would vaporized in mid flight fps where up to 5100 before the bullet would vaporized

I can't imagine barrel life would have been very good at those velocities, either. That's a lot of powder to blast down an awfully small hole.

I have a copy of "The Book of the 22: The All-American Caliber " by Sam Fadala. It's a great read on the history of the .22, both centerfire and rimfire cartridges. I thought the .22 PPC was an interesting cartridge - good muzzle velocity and supreme accuracy. For a "super" .22 caliber, the .226 Barnes QT is almost freakish, shooting a 125 grain :!: bullet that looked like an Oscar Mayer weiner out of a barrel with 5-1/2 twist (QT = Quick Twist).

Overall, the author makes a great case for small calibers taking down big game provided the loads contain the proper bullet, i.e. one designed to penetrate and expand rather than fragment like a varmint bullet.

Yea good solid base bullet and placement with small Cal's are a must for taking big game lots are taking each year with
small Cal's. barrel life would be short but tech is here to make a long lasting barrel Problem is they have not develop bullets yet to stay together at those speeds one day soon you will see it.
coal berner
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Re: Son's Rifle /// Need Bullets for Whitetail Deer

PostBy: kodb On: Tue. Oct. 04, 2011 7:33 am

THE major problem with using 223/5.56 for deer sized quarry is the mechanism of wounding. This cartridge exhibits what is called "yaw" where the bullet changes orientation (sometimes called erroneously "tumbling") and then fragments. This is what creates the wound channel- bunch of high velocity small frags that combine to form a wound channel. This mechanism is clearly not very advantageous for hunting applications unless you are talking about varmints because of relatively shallow penetration and meat damage. Additionally, as another poster pointed out, the shorter barrel of the rifle/carbine described will drop the velocity significantly. This caliber does not display reliable fragmentation when velocity at point of contact is less than about 3000 fps. So, if it does not fragment it acts like basically a 22LR with a bit more velocity and mass (62 or 75gr vs. 45 or so).
You might want to consider finding a used 243 to replace the referenced rifle; there is a wider range of bullets that can be either bought as factory ammo or loaded which are more design and functionally appropriate (from the projectile perspective) for deer sized game. While many many deer have been taken with 223 and/or 22, clean kills for these calibers usually involve headshots and fairly close ranges. YMMV

Pm me if you need any further recs
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Re: Son's Rifle /// Need Bullets for Whitetail Deer

PostBy: bksaun On: Tue. Oct. 04, 2011 8:07 am

Or make head shots only.

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