Installation Information of 110K

Installation Information of 110K

PostBy: D_a_v_e On: Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:04 pm


I have someone showing up soon to do an estimate for installation of the 110k boiler.
I just thought I should print out some information in case they don't know, but I can't find any
drawing or specs of it.
The company showing up doesn't sell LL, but they were referred to me by the seller. I hope
they have done it before....
Anyway, any links to installation info?

Know of any experienced installers between Utica & Syracuse NY?


Though I don't know much about these yet, does the 110k come with a coal-trol?
this page mentions it:

but this page doesn't : ... ducts.html

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Re: Installation Information of 110K

PostBy: WNY On: Sun Aug 14, 2011 9:35 am

I don;'t believe CoalTrol has a Boiler Option yet. Normally, the boilers just have an aquastat and thermostat to control the temps....I believe they are referencing to the Furnace with the Coaltrol, not the boiler. But the guys at LL can Definitely help you out.
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Re: Installation Information of 110K

PostBy: D_a_v_e On: Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:03 am

Yup, looks like you are right.

So I guess I should learn more about the operation of this before I commit.
I guess I don't understand what control mechanism very well.

The installer mentioned tee=ing in this boiler with my existing oil boiler.
Seems like it should work well, and then switch back my oil oil boiler
would be a switch and couple ball valves. The DHW being direct seems
to make it tricky for having both on with the oil only as backup.

I hope I'm not getting myself into too much chaos, but I can't stand the oil prices!


Re: Installation Information of 110K

PostBy: Rob R. On: Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:22 am

It is installed just like any other oil the AA manual that LL kindly has posted on their website: ... ranty.html

You have a tankless coil in the oil boiler? No big can either circulate continuously between the two boilers and keep using the coil as-is, or install some tees and ball valves to use the coil in the LL110. The thing to remember when using multiple tankless coils is to bypass the coil in the coal boiler when it is not in use...otherwise the cold water going through the coil will cause condensation in the idle boiler.

If your dealer can't give you guidance on this, the crew at LL certainly can.
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