venting to the upstairs

venting to the upstairs

PostBy: splitter On: Thu Oct 25, 2007 9:39 pm

Hello everyone.
We are using a handfired coal/wood stove in our fireplace on the first floor of our home. It is a Baker insert. We are getting much heat in the downstairs areas but not enough is going to the second floor. We are using the ceiling fans to draw the air up but it doesn't draw that well due to the floorplan of the second floor. We have an open stairwell for half of the staircase between the floors. We have 4 rooms on the second floor that all open off of the hallway. We have burnt wood twice since the stove has been installed(it hasn't been that cold yet). The first floor floorplan is mostly open so there is good circulation for the heat. We have been running the stove between 250-375 degrees as recommended by the Baker stove company. Should we run the stove any higher than that or would that would cause other problems? Are there any suggestions for a better distribution for the heat? We thought about floor vents between the first and second floors with register grates. Any suggestions or recommendations on this would be greatly appreciated.
We have a real nice stove from the Baker company and want to be able to enjoy it to the fullest advantage and also save $$$$ at the same time. :) :) :)

PostBy: coal berner On: Thu Oct 25, 2007 10:36 pm

Hi splitter The temps on the are within reason but i would not go much
higher then 375f do you have a blower fan on the stove if you can install

one or two floor register on the second Floor it will let some of the heat that is hanging up
on your first floor ceiling go up and
heat the second floor maybe try one on each end of the hallway and see if is enough heat

If you need more put another one in the middle of the hallway try to put
close to bedroom doors to help heat the rooms I see you had a wood fire
Well when you start up with coal you will have a lot more heat for a
longer Period of time so may just try two for now and you can always add more later
It will help getting heat upstairs good luck and Happy Coal Burning :twisted:
coal berner
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