Anybody Use a DS Machine MAX 110 With Wood?

Anybody Use a DS Machine MAX 110 With Wood?

PostBy: traditions On: Sun Sep 18, 2011 5:14 am

Hello,I am new here and am looking for any one that uses a DS Machine stove with wood.I am considering a .If any one has any information on any of thier stoves I would appreciate hearing from you.Thank you
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Re: Anybody Use a DS Machine MAX 110 With Wood?

PostBy: dudleynepa On: Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:15 pm

traditions, I am in a similar situation. I'm looking at the Energy Max 160 myself. I have no doubt that this company makes a great product. There's plenty of posts on this forum to support this.

The dual fuel option is very appealing to me. I'm a former Alaska stoker coal burner, switched to wood when I had a "free" wood source and good quality rice coal hit the $200 per ton mark.

My "free" wood source disappeared a few years ago, been buying firewood by the tri-axle log length ever since. Quality of wood rapidly decreasing as the demand for firewood has increased. Paying $600 a year for mostly soft maple has made me think about coal once again. My thoughts for the Energy Max would be to burn wood available on my property and supplement with coal as necessary.

I visited the DS Machine shop on Friday, David and Amos are great. The only Energy Max they had burning in the shop was burning coal. I would buy the stove today if only I had some feedback from anybody burning wood in these units.

I've spoken to someone who's burning wood in a Riteburn basement stove, they are happy with it. Just want to find someone burning wood in the Energy Max. Anyone out there doing this?
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