Circulator Pump Sizing

Circulator Pump Sizing

PostBy: drftwood On: Thu Sep 29, 2011 11:15 pm

Circulator Pump Sizing

Sent: Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:08 pm
by drftwood
Hello, I am removing a wood boiler from inside my home and installing an AA260 coal boiler, which is in my garage about 70feet from the house. The lines from the garage to the house are 1inch H2o Pex 5 wrapped insulated tubing. This system is going run through the oil furnace in the home to the coal boiler in the garage. The home size is just under 5000 sq. ft. with base board.The insulated garage is 28x40 ft. with 12ft ceiling.
All lines coming off the coal boiler are 1 1/4 inch black iron going into the 1 inch pex tubing, feeding the oil furnace in the home.I was going to use a Taco 007, but I was advised that I should use a larger size pump, Preferably, a Taco 0013 or maybe a Taco 009 pump. The reason for using the larger pump, is the size of the 70+ feet of the 1 inch pex tubing.
My question is : What size circulator pump would you recommend using with the above facts?
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Re: Circulator Pump Sizing

PostBy: jim d On: Thu Sep 29, 2011 11:28 pm

drft woood i'm sure yanche wil be on to tell you where the flow chart is located
jim d
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Re: Circulator Pump Sizing

PostBy: watkinsdr On: Fri Sep 30, 2011 5:36 am

Perform a site search on: Yanche's Toolbox, Piping & Circulator Selection Method. Yanche supplies all the information you'll need to calculate your problem. It's all about the pump supply curve versus the load curve; and, finding the point where the two curves are equal. Bearing in mind: you don't really need to know the exact point where they are equal! You only really need to best approximate your load curve; and, ensure your selected pump can supply enough pressure to get the gallon per minute flow rate required to transfer the BTUs you need.

As an example: I'm heating my in-ground pool with my AHS260 via a two stage system: 1" copper from the boiler to the end of my basement, transitioning to 1" pex via a plate exchanger. I have Taco #13 pumps on both the primary loop directly off the S260 boiler; and, the secondary loop off the plate exchanger. The plate exchanger then feeds the heat exchanger at the pool filter assembly. I'm able to transfer all the heat the S260 can supply, to the pool, very effectively with the Taco #13 pumps; even though, I'm only using 1" copper and pex.

When plumbing my S260 to the pool, I really wanted to use 1.25" copper and pex; but, quickly discovered 1.25" copper was outrageously expensive and 1.25" pex wasn't readily available for some odd reason. You'd think the outdoor wood boiler folks would be using 1.25" pex for heat transfer... Go figure...

Taco #13 pumps can really move a lot of water. I found them on-line for about $160. The local plumbing supply shop wanted $350!!

Good luck with your plumbing endeavour.
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Re: Circulator Pump Sizing

PostBy: Yanche On: Fri Sep 30, 2011 9:47 am

jim d wrote:drft woood i'm sure yanche wil be on to tell you where the flow chart is located

It's here:

Yanche's Toolbox, Piping & Circulator Selection Method
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