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PostBy: SMITTY On: Fri Oct 07, 2011 11:21 pm

Yep - inspections are like tolls - just another government racket .... another hidden tax. At least they're free there. It's $29 here. :roll: It's pretty clear the state couldn't care less about safety - it's all about how much extra TAX they can rake in. What do they care anyway. Half of them fly in to Boston! :mad:

10 years ago when they revamped the whole system to completely screw working class people with the $20,000+ dynomometers, MANDATED for all inspection facilities, the inspection process began to feel more like a government interrogation. The state had these guys so scared, they were failing people for BEING LOW ON WASHER FLUID!! When I got back from Phoenix in '01, I was shocked at what had become of the state inspection. I had to go to 5 different stations before I found one that would give me & my 29 year old car a sticker. It was perfectly safe - I did all the work, as I do now - but they we're scared that such an old car was on the road. Probably afraid I was working for the state as a "plant" (spy). I wouldn't work for this poor excuse for America if they offered me 10 mil a year!

Yeah gotta love those rotary tools. My ex bought me a ... crap ... now I can' remember the damn name of it!! Skil maybe? I think it's 2 names ..... oh Black N Decker! That's the one! Anyway, this thing was designed for touching up wood craft projects in some yuppies mansion, & I'm using it to saw through hardened steel bearing races, exhaust systems, grade 10.9 bolts - about as tough as it gets. It lasted about 4 years before the little spring they used to connect the electric motor to the arbor broke. Must have been there to absorb shock? Didn't do such a good job of that! :lol: So I cut & ground a bolt to resemble a flat-blade screwdriver, I put that in it's place. Vibrated like hell, because it wasn't precision balanced like the factory piece. :D That lasted another 4 years. When that one finally broke I took a grade 8.8 bolt & spent a little more time perfecting this makeshift driveshaft. That's been in there for 7 years now! With all the abuse I dole out to this thing on a DAILY basis, I am AMAZED it still works! It was designed to be thrown away years ago, but here we are 15 years later & it's still kicking!! I just used it today to cut some grade 10.9 bolts. The bearing is getting a little sloppy ... but 15 years of spinning at 20,000 rpm?!?! Now THAT'S quality. I'm afraid to replace it ... because I know not one part of a new one will come close to this.

Glad you got your truck workin' again Dan! :drunk:

I got the engine in the Blazer yesterday!! WOOHOO!! Now I'm taking my time, never seizing all the bolts, building redundant ground straps & making everything else salt proof. As a winter beater, it's gonna get hammered by rust. Trying to slow that as much as possible. So far I have a half gallon of used oil on the undercarriage, engine compartment, radiator, & engine. It's gonna attract dirt like the democratic party, but at least it won't rust!
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