Harman Magnum Stoker Settings

Re: Harman Magnum Stoker Settings

PostBy: coalstoves On: Sun. Jan. 06, 2008 11:46 pm

Hey just a quick update on life with the Harman Magnum

So far over the last few weeks we have seen outdoor temp. swings from a high of 50 to a low of 11 keeping track with a digital Min/Max indoor /outdoor thermometer from the hardware store the inside temp ranged from a low of 71 (I attribute this to the day I carried in a car load of groceries and left the door open ) to a high of 77 on a thermostat setting of 75 .

Needless to say I am very pleased with the stoves performance and The Honeywell Round HEAT only thermostat once I figured out the dip switches on the back and how they work best with the coal stove .
Stove/Furnace Make: Harman and Liberty
Stove/Furnace Model: Magnum and Victory 700

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