The story of the Drowned Lands

The story of the Drowned Lands

PostBy: coalnewbie On: Mon Oct 03, 2011 2:35 pm

The "Drowned Lands" of Orange County New York developed over many thousands of years. Essentially river bottom land that due to special circumstances developed up to 40' of what is arguably the best soil on the planet. You can't build on it as anything that is not pyloned down to about 100' just sinks it is only good for one thing - agriculture.

About 1850 a Polish immigrnat dug down and realized what was down there and started an onion farm. More people came. The drowned lands needed draining on a large scale and a large Ferris wheel machine came to town and dug drainage trenches and life flourished. Soon 20,000 acres of land became one of the largest onion producers on the planet. Little towns formed such as Pine island and Florida (village of) to name but two. The little community prospered. There was no crime to speak of in fact the local police went home at 5PM. All was well until about 20 years ago.

The polish kids became allergic to picking onions in the 90F + heat and this crop which can only be picked manually was in trouble. Then came Latinos who were prepared to do that job. The Poilish kids were more into tractor fixing and dsitribution etc. The two communities still flourished and the police still went home at 5PM. Then came govt help.

One day an army of INS thugs rounded them all the Latinos up and surprise, surprise the onion farms were in trouble. In the same year the NY DEC decided that the trenching machine may disturb local wild life and the machine was scrapped. Still they struggled on until Irene.

Now the minimally drained lands are again drowned and are not draining. Predictably the Feds are looking to spend your tax bucks on returning it to Drowned Lands as it is now wet lands (surprise, surprise). Now everybody will be on govt help. Crime is soaring, police are 24 hr a day. We also have State Police and to top it off Homeland Security (in thier hybrid cars) to protect us from terrorists wanting to blow up the marshes. INS come around just to make sure this whole thing is truly dead. One knocked on the door and as I have the word Farm on the gate wanted to know if I housed any illegals. They were surprised when I told her to ph k off. I am sure I am now one of the over a million people that HS is watching. Obummer wants more govt, what can I say? Can't wait for the local commie to ask me for peer reviewed journal references of all facts laid out here.

Yes, just what we need another 0.5T on more govt projects. We gotta get these clowns out.
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