Anyone Into Wheeling?

Anyone Into Wheeling?

PostBy: BeerMonley On: Mon. Oct. 24, 2011 1:45 pm

Figured at least someone here is into wheeling. I wheel my 07 rubicon unlimited, its actually my 5th jeep, needed the 4 door for kids.
Its got a 2" spacer lift, RiverRaider full skid plates (from oil pan to gas tank)River Raider cowl snorkel (my jeep was the ginuea pig for it)River Raider breather extension,PolyPerfromance ball joints and front axle knuckle gussets, Smittybuilt front bumper, reclocated evap canister. I mostly wheel at rausch creek off road park.
heres a video from the yellowjacket trail there.

i have no idea how to post the video so heres a link

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Re: Anyone Into Wheeling?

PostBy: I'm On Fire On: Mon. Oct. 24, 2011 3:06 pm

When I lived in Colorado I used to belong to the local 4x4 club. I had an 1987 "Frakenstein" Jeep Cherokee that I was trying to make a rock crawler. It had a bum transmission that since it was a transitional year for Chrysler and AMC I couldn't locate one that fit "properly". Needless to say, living in an apartment at the time with strict rules on having vehicles apart in their parking lot the "Frakenstein" was sold to a kid with a real house who could tear it down and fix it proper.

I still for a while would ride along with other guys in their rigs climbing rocks through the rockies but never did get my rock crawler going. If I had the money to lift my Dak and make it a little more "off-roady" I would.
I'm On Fire
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