Run Circ Pump - Furnace is Off

Run Circ Pump - Furnace is Off

PostBy: Smoker858 On: Fri Oct 28, 2011 2:11 pm

This is for the coalers who do not heat water as in hydronic heating systems.

I an rewiring my gas fired furnace with baseboard heat.

Here is how it has been setup for 20 years: 110V to disconnect then to furnace Honeywell control then to TACO pump.

So I don't freeze up the perimeter copper lines (yes we have done this a few times) with the wood stove.

Rewire to a DPST switch which will bypass the furnace and run the pump 24/7.

I will install a SPST switch between the TACO and furnace to prevent backfeed.

The Flair zone valves will also be rewired and manually opened.

Flair valves need power removed upon opening manually.

With the water circulating I will not break pipes this year.
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