Thermostat location

Thermostat location

PostBy: tmbm50 On: Fri Nov 02, 2007 9:35 am

It there a recommended maximum distance the thermo should be from the stove?

I will soon be getting a HyFireII with the coal-trol built in. The stove will be downstairs in the family room but will be pumping heat upstairs through some duct work. I'd like to place the thermo upstairs becuase I'd rather have the upstairs maintained with a hotter family room, than a maintained family room and a colder upstairs.

But I wasn't sure if the coal-trol being in a different room would mess with the program since any heat changes will likely be slower than it would expect if it was in the same room.

PostBy: Matthaus On: Fri Nov 02, 2007 9:44 am

The only maximum I know of is the max 100' for the cable (of course you should have the Tstat in the same building! :lol: ). Since every installation is a little different I would recommend starting in the location you want to try and regulate, temporarily mount the Tstat on the wall at the proper height (make sure it is not adjacent to any of the ducts from the stove) and then see how it works.

Since the Coal-Trol is designed for the slower reaction times of coal, I believe it is possible to do what you are wanting to do. With a little trial and error I bet you will find a good spot that gives you a warm upstairs and an even warmer downstairs.

Have fun with the science project! :lol:
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PostBy: WNY On: Fri Nov 02, 2007 10:48 am

Depends on where you heat ducts are located. I wouldn't put it close to where the heat is coming out, it would always satisfy it and the rest of the room may not be up to temp. Also, put it on an inside wall if possible and away from any windows/doors or drafts that could upset the settings easily.

I will be doing the same thing. My HyFire I is in the basement ducted upstairs, the Coaltrol thermostat will be on the wall opposite of where the heat will be coming up thru the floor so I get circulation in/around the room. It's about 10-12 Feet from the duct work. I am right at 25' for the cable to reach the stove in the basement (going down thru the wall, across the basement ceiling and down to the stove).

Hopefully fire it up tonight/this weekend.
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