A Little Fall Fun

A Little Fall Fun

PostBy: Cap On: Sat Nov 03, 2007 9:15 pm

[ A post I wrote for a local motorcycle group forum in which I am a member. They know nothing of coal heat since they are live in the modern but high *cost to live*state of NJ. I'll try duplicating my post here. The attachments in brackets are images with the description in bold. Mark Cap, 11/3/07 ]

Andy and i went for a ride out to Montour Co, PA today to a town of Washingtonville, PA. A friend of mind [Dan] lives in this area. We went to his Dad's place. We drove the back country roads through a few of the old anthracite coal mining towns in PA. Did I ever mention I burn anthracite to heat my house each winter? $120 per ton. I burn about 1 ton per month in Dec, Jan, Feb. A little less per month Nov & Apr. I lit up for the winter two night ago.

First Coal fire of 2007. The Harman SF-250 hand fired coal stove. This unit will easily heat over 3000 sq ft. I also built a SS coil to heat the domestic hot water tank. The coil is inside the firebox. I can heat my water tank to 125F-140F. Unlimited hot showers in winter at no additional utility cost

We drove through the underground coal fire town of Centralia, PA & stopped for a peak.

The first image may be hard to see, but smoke is rising from out of the ground.

We made it to Dan's place at 1230p. His dad owns 100 acres. The land was used as a campground many years ago, the fields are open and even some trails in the woods. Andy and I rode the 4 wheelers. Dan let loose on the KLR.

Andy & I just after we arrived & a few images of the grounds.

Andy rode a 4 wheeler for the first time. He did well. I have three kids. Andy is the only one interested in motorcycles or anything with an engine.

I rode a little too.

The white one is a Suzuki 250cc with manual gears. The big red one is a Suzuki Quad something, single 650cc.

Dan rode around on his KLR and got just a little crazy. Dan tried to do a 360 but slid low side down and broke his mirror. The dogs thought it was funny.:P

We bought sandwiches & cider at a corner farm market in the village.
$2.29 per roastbeef sandwich. Sandwiches were real thick too.

Dan liked my DL1000. So did his kids. His wife....not sure.

Is that a nuke? I'm not sure. We wern't that close to 3 Mile Island. It may be the Susquehanna site.

We got home at 6p, rode 175 miles. Andy was cold some of the way, dad really enjoyed the cool weather ride.

I picked a tickets to see *Get The Led Out* on 11/19 at Penns Peak in JT on the way out this morning. Led Zep tribute band. They are very good. I seen them twice and they are the real deal.

Till we meet again...
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We made it to Dan's place at 1230p. His dad owns 100 acres.
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The land was used as a campground many years ago, the fields are open
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11 yr old son, Andy. His first time on a 4 wheeler. He rides a TTR 125 dirt bike Yamaha at home.
Hand Fed Coal Boiler: Harman SF 250, domestic hot water loop, heat accumulator

PostBy: CoalHeat On: Sat Nov 03, 2007 10:52 pm

Sounds like a nice day, Mark. They grow up fast, my daughter is 18, seems like yesterday she was 8.
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