2.25 Tons of Coal Sitting in My Basement!

2.25 Tons of Coal Sitting in My Basement!

PostBy: kstills On: Wed Nov 09, 2011 1:42 pm

Finished my coal bin this past weekend, and took delivery of my first load of bulk coal. I feel like a rich person, atm. :D

I've been running bagged from Hendricks in Hilltown, PA (Middle Bucks County dealer) which has always been dry and in good bags. The coal comes from the South Tamqua coal pocket, I believe, and it's been burning well for me since I've been running the boiler. Of course, I wouldn't know the difference at this point, since it's all I've burned so far, but the house is warm and the water is hot so I'm a happy camper.

If you're in this area, I recommend Hendricks. They've been in business since the 40's, and father and sons are still running the show and are very good people.

It's going to be a warm winter. :)
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