Coal-Trol Digital Is Amazing!

Coal-Trol Digital is Amazing!

PostBy: bae388 On: Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:53 pm

Hello everyone! I’m new here, and just wanted to join to express how pleased I am with my new Coal-Trol Digital!

I have a 30 year old Alaska tri-burner. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what a tri-burner is, it is a coal stove that runs with one motor. On the top of the motor, there is a pin that moves back and forth which controls the hopper slide, and on the bottom of the motor there is a plastic combustion fan which throws air into the coal stove and up through the grate where the coal lays. The term “tri-burner” confused me at first, so I wanted to explain it for anyone new that would happen to read this post.

Anyways, when I was first told about the Coal-Trol by someone I work with, I can honestly say that I was a skeptic. I just couldn’t understand how an old machine like mine can become automated. So… I called the company. I called after hours and the number was forwarded to the owners cell phone. I’ve never talked to a man that was so proud of his product. We must have talked for at least a half an hour and he explained all of the concepts of how the Coal-Trol actually works. He told me that the Coal-Trol uses an algorithm that tweaks the time the hopper motor runs each minute. Unlike the hopper plate motor running constantly, it only runs when the module tells it to run. If the temperature in the house is getting below the setpoint in the thermostat, the amount of time the hopper motor runs every minute increases. The module also controls the convection fan on the stove. Instead of the convection fan blowing constantly, it only runs when it needs to. The basement where my coal stove is located used to be a constant 95 degrees… mainly due to the convection fan blowing constantly into my basement. This is certainly not the case anymore. After hearing how the device works I was sold.

The owner suggested that a convert my tri-burner (one motor) coal stove into a coal stove with two motors. One motor to run the combustion fan, and one motor to control the hopper. He told me that with two motors, the combustion fan would stay on all of the time, and the motor that controls the hopper would be separately controlled to give more accurate results. I wanted the best results possible so I decided to convert. The guy at Coal-Trol even gave me the Grainger model number of a motor that was known to work with most stoves. The link is below: ... sst=subset ($66.85)

I ordered the Coal-Trol and the extra motor on one day, and had them both the very next day! The conversion went rather smoothly. It was as simple as pulling the plastic fan off of the old motor, and installing the new motor underneath of the existing motor. Anyone who knows how to drill a couple of holes can easily perform this conversion.

My coal stove is located in the basement, so I needed to go out to the hardware store to buy a Cat-5 patch cable and a coupler to be able to run the thermostat to the upstairs kitchen. I also needed to buy an electrical plug with a ground for the new motor that I purchased from Grainger. It was all relatively easy to install.

Installation of the actual Coal-Trol module was very easy. I mounted the module on the side of my hopper, which only took about a minute. After that, I just needed to plug the motors and the thermostat into the module, and follow the directions for setup!

I can honestly say that this was the best purchase I’ve made all year. No more 85 degree nights in the house during the fall, or 50 degree nights in the winter!

I wrote this post mainly to express my appreciation to the makes of Coal-Trol, and to assist people in making their minds up about this product!
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Re: Coal-Trol Digital is Amazing!

PostBy: MURDOC1 On: Fri Nov 18, 2011 3:42 pm

Good job bae!!! That's the way to do it my friend!!!

See my avatar for my old Alaska Stoker Stove II that also is operating via Coal trol, made the conversion last season and couldn't be any happier with it!!!

Adam J.
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Re: Coal-Trol Digital is Amazing!

PostBy: Nightman On: Sat Nov 26, 2011 1:29 am


What was the model number of the coal trol unit you got?
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Re: Coal-Trol Digital is Amazing!

PostBy: Freddy On: Sat Nov 26, 2011 6:57 am

Good story! I'll bet you're not only more comfortable, I'll bet you use less coal. I did a similar thing to a Reading stoker. The new blower motor made it burn so much better. It used to have unburned coal, especially if it was going slow. Now it burns every tiny chip of coal. If it doesn't turn to ash, it wasn't coal!
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Re: Coal-Trol Digital is Amazing!

PostBy: bae388 On: Mon Nov 28, 2011 8:35 am

Nightman: I have a Coal-Trol model TS2. And Freddy: I do save a lot of coal. With this constant temperature change in NEPA in the fall... the nights get very cold, but during the day the temperature increases 20-30 degrees. Last year, if I would turn the stoker up at night, it would end up being 85 degrees inside of the house during the day (a waste of coal)! Also, It was hard to get it tweaked correctly to keep hot coals from going into the ask can (another waste of coal). The Coal-Trol takes care of all that for me. Also, I use to fill up about a garbage can worth of ashes every week, and I've been using about half that amount all season so far!
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PostBy: coalnewbie On: Mon Nov 28, 2011 4:07 pm

Sometimes it's a combination of things that make a stove. My AnthraKng 110K has it's squirrel cage distribution fan before the stove. Entry air is 20x20" and outlet air 14". So it's VERY quiet as about 800CFM of air is travelling at about 8MPH through the system. The coaltrol infinite control of this makes a Cadillac combo. Perhaps I should say a Hyundai combo as Cadillacs are junk now. I love and still use my two Poconos elsewhere on the farm as they really push the heat but this v3 firmware on the coaltrol with the AnthraKing is just GREAT. Of course that assumes that winter will ever come again, I'm dying here. Windowstats are wide open.
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PostBy: Nightman On: Tue Nov 29, 2011 1:09 am

I just ordered one today it is te standard version and also purcahsed the blower from granger. I was having the same problem to much heat in the day and nice at night. And to go in the back of the stove and turn that nut everytime is a pain.

Do you have a power vent if you do did you put it on a dimmer switch to control the speed of it?

Thanks for the information.
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