Thank You to AHS and Grainger for Excellent Customer Service

Thank You to AHS and Grainger for Excellent Customer Service

PostBy: watkinsdr On: Sat. Nov. 26, 2011 8:28 am

Here's a big thank you going out to AHS customer service. Last Satuday morning 11/19 when I went to use my coal auger in manual mode, basically for the second time, the Dayton gear drive electric motor (p/n: 1LPP4A) motor mounts completely shattered under initial start-up load. I removed the motor and assumed the auger was clogged; but, with a pipe wrench found the auger turned fairly easily. I called AHS Monday morning 11/21, and Darren quickly got a replacement motor sent out under warranty. I received the replacement motor assembly Wednesday afternoon 11/23, got the unit installed, and my auger is now working like a champ! Props out to AHS customer service for standing by their product! As for the Dayton gear drive electric motor assembly---I think they need to double check their quality...

As a fall back plan; just in case AHS didn't come through, I ordered another Dayton unit from Grainger in parallel. This unit arrived Tuesday 11/22; but, I didn't install this unit, being patient waiting for the replacement part from AHS. Fortunately I didn't need the motor from Grainger; so, I returned the motor at my local Grainger store in Manchester, NH yesterday. The Grainger folks took the unused Dayton motor back; and, even refunded the shipping costs too. Props out to Grainger for their customer support too!!
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Re: Thank You to AHS and Grainger for Excellent Customer Service

PostBy: whistlenut On: Sat. Nov. 26, 2011 8:47 am

Don't you love it when it becomes a "Win-Win". Grainger is the 'go-to' supplier for me for 30 years now. Sick of that SS liner? Tomorrow is the day of extraction.........Cudos to AHS for excellent service, also.
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