Somethings to be Thankful for

Somethings to be Thankful for

PostBy: prophead On: Tue Nov 29, 2011 10:30 am

2-tons of the good stuff (Harmony Coal) in the bins in the basement. Picked it up the day before Thanksgiving.

I am a few days shy of burning coal for an entire year. The day before Thanksgiving when I went to Harmony I was completely out of coal. I ran the numbers and had burned 11,914LBS to date. I believe till the full year rolls around I will have burned approx 12500 LBS.

This means a little over $1000.00 will have heated my 3000Sq Ft old farm house with little insulation and leaky windows (so leaky in fact that the curtains move on windy days) for a winter and my hot water for an entire year. Not bad! Especially considering the very cold and windy winter we had last winter.

Last September before we had the coal stoker I put 400 gallons of oil in the tank @ $2.21/gallon for a total cost of $884.00. On December 17 when we installed the stoker I measured the oil level and calculated I still had about 100 gallons left. At that rate I was spending $221.00/month and the heating season had barely started. I hate to think what my heating bill would have been as oil crept to $3.00+ a gallon.

BTW....I caulk those leaky windows shut each winter with Seal n Peel.
Stoker Coal Boiler: Gentleman Janitor GJ-61
Coal Size/Type: Buckwheat

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