Anthrice delivered to Ohio???

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Anthrice delivered to Ohio???

PostBy: medaniels On: Mon Dec 05, 2011 9:58 am

Can anyone help me out.....
Please forgive me if the answer has been posted here all ready

I am looking for a new source of washed anthracite for my brother
to burn in his coal stove

He was getting the same delivery from a PA company but they have not delivered as promised

Can you price the following as I am not sure how much he buys at a time

2 Ton
4 Ton
Washed, Delivered by conveyor dump into his 1 car garage

Delivery asap to Kent, Ohio 44240

Thank You for your prompt response
Stove/Furnace Make: Harman
Stove/Furnace Model: not sure, coal burner

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Re: Anthrice delivered to Ohio???

PostBy: Berlin On: Mon Dec 05, 2011 4:29 pm

Thompson bros. 330-549-3979
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Coal Size/Type: Ohio BITUMINOUS pea stoker coal

Re: Anthrice delivered to Ohio???

PostBy: lsayre On: Mon Dec 05, 2011 4:40 pm

Coalway has a conveyer truck for anthracite delivery, but they only to my knowledge sell bulk pea and nut. They have rice in bags.
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Coal Size/Type: Blaschak Anthracite Pea
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