Help-Greasy Anthracite Coal, Which Burns to Fast ?

Re: Help-Greasy Anthracite Coal, Which Burns to Fast ?

PostBy: theo On: Sat Dec 17, 2011 8:48 am

Another idea,, to see if it is bit. coal or hard coal take a handful of it and lay it out somewhere where you can take your butane torch to it. if it lights quick and makes alot of smoke then it must be bit.
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Re: Help-Greasy Anthracite Coal, Which Burns to Fast ?

PostBy: creggh On: Sat Dec 17, 2011 9:25 am

Got up this morning and pulled the hopper. I slide it in and out to burn wood. I shook the grates and start layering. I smokes black something terrible. You can't open the door because the black oily smoke comes out, even with the draft wide open. And your right, the flame is bright yellow, almost like burning wood. I didn't read your posts until after I loaded the stove. The next time, I will try this banking that you talk about. As I'm posting, I hear a large whosh or pop. I have the large lower shaker drawer-draft door wide open to get it going good. I see a large black plume of smoke must of backfired, and came out the lower door. I guess I can't do this anymore. Also, How high do you bank the coal? Is it best to scrape the coal to one side, and fill the other, or scape the coals to the front and bill the back higher? I guess you can only go as high as the front door. Thanks for the help, Creggh
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Re: Help-Greasy Anthracite Coal, Which Burns to Fast ?

PostBy: Townsend On: Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:53 am

In your first post you stated that you closed the top draft. Do you mean the draft control that is on the door and allows air on top of the fuel bed? If so you need to keep that open with bituminous coal.

Keep reading in the bituminous section and listen to these guys. They give good info.
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