Bad experience with bulk coal! Blaschak needed!!!

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Re: Bad experience with bulk coal! Blaschak needed!!!

PostBy: Coalfire On: Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:45 pm

Cap wrote:
creggh wrote:Well, I drove down to Jonesville, MI, next to Hillsdale and picked up a skid of Blaschak from Victor Traschel. It was 200 miles round trip. Price out the door, was $380 for 2400 lbs. Thanks for your comments. CreggH

Blaschak is $185 per ton at the breaker. I think you did good considering the fact it was bagged and you are in michgan.

I will agree This year I paid $210 per ton delivered bulk, and I am only a hour south of the mines, so $300 or what ever to michagan seems like you stole it from the dealer :lol: , maybe you should give him a little more :poke: , J/K glad you got some better coal.

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