Santa's Sleigh Hits Turbulence Over Potomac; Rudolph Rescues

Santa's sleigh hits turbulence over Potomac; Rudolph rescues

PostBy: lowfog01 On: Sun Dec 25, 2011 7:37 pm

By: Liz Essley | 12/24/11 8:05 PM
Washington Examiner Staff Writer

"The jolly old elf was flying over the Potomac River on Saturday night when his sleigh ran into some turbulence. Claus almost crash-landed on Theodore Roosevelt Island, but a red-nosed reindeer came to the rescue. Rudolph, who forgot to set his alarm clock after a nap back at the North Pole, missed Claus' visits throughout most of the East Coast, but led the team through the rest of the states, Mexico and Canada. Elves reported that 11 percent of Maryland children got coal this year, 9 percent of Virginians and 6 percent of District kids."

I have to doubt her statistics - my coal pile certainly didn't reflect an increase and I KNOW my kids should have qualified for the coal. Santa must be relaxing his standards. :)
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