outdoor wood burning stove leaking

outdoor wood burning stove leaking

PostBy: professor On: Wed Jan 04, 2012 9:58 pm

My GH 1000 wood stove is leaking water around the door frame. I learned that the company in Canada got a shipment of the wrong welding wire for this application, but rather than return it, they used it anyway. For 4 years! They welded Stainless steel with plain steel wire. Now they have tons of trouble with the welds rusting out from the inside. The years involved were 2004 to 2008. Others have said they want us to pay shipping both ways to get the factory repair. Or they only pay $400 to hire a welder locally. I will be sure to tell everyone who asks about this brand and company! The only worse problem I ever had was with a junk computer made in north central USA.
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Re: outdoor wood burning stove leaking

PostBy: Uglysquirrel On: Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:56 pm

Are you the original owner?

Has the company admitted to you the long standing defect or did you hear that from someone?

You could also write a letter to the company (addressed to the president or owner) and sent by certified signature that documents you intention to report this understood long term defect to the state attorney general and appropriate federal entities if the situation is not resolved by boiler replacement . This concern is especially critical if the boiler was certified to a ASTM spec for pressure retention (safety) purposes. :o

Its nothing personal, business. Who said that ? Oh yeah...

My experience is that a reweld will not do it, the metal is already infused with an inappropriate cocktail of metallurgical flaws that will propagate into a crack again.

Or this may be a good time to move on with a coal upgrade with the help of a lot of people here a lot smarter that me in the art of heating.

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