Glenn Beck's 1791 Line - Please Support His Endeavors!

Glenn Beck's 1791 Line - Please Support His Endeavors!

PostBy: SMITTY On: Fri. Jan. 20, 2012 8:28 pm

OK - before I say anything: If you lean left and/or have hopes of re-electing the current administration, or hate Glenn Beck with every fiber of your being, then GTFO & read something else. This does NOT concern you. This is not meant for you. We already know where you stand, so take your stupid assed comments & post them elsewhere. This thread is for people who CARE ABOUT AMERICA, BELIEVE in GOD, and want to help towards those ends. Say what you will about Glenn Beck - at least he's putting his money where his mouth is & is DOING something about America's current predicament, rather than sitting on his ass complaining about it ( I admittedly fit into that category ... ). If you see nothing wrong with America today, then you need to heed my first sentence.

SO .... with that out of the way ... If you don't currently have a GBTV subscription, I HIGHLY encourage you do subscribe. I typically avoid anything that costs me money ... but I can assure you, this will be money well spent. Beck is embarking on a courageous journey to right the ship of America. I subscribed, even though my financial situation can best be described as "shaky" ( I think that's an understatement ), and I am VERY VERY glad I did. He is providing a service to America that should be commended. He's reporting the REAL news - without the political slants, dumbing down, & censorship of the MSM. I encourage you to subscribe to his channel. He's released a new news show, a show geared toward kids/home schoolers, a reality show, .. and MUCH more to come. I've never seen such an effort by one individual to REALLY fundamentally change America for the better. Gives me hope. If your interested, here is the link:

I also encourage you to buy "Being George Washington". I would tell you more about it, but I still haven't read it yet. :oops: I WILL read it soon though. It's sitting right here next to me, but .. you know me ... :roll:
It wasn't a NY Times best seller for nothing .... ... 1451659261

In addition to his new Dallas studios, his publishing company, etc etc ... he also has a clothing line (started in Oct. '11) that will be supporting some future endeavors - namely the 3-day "Restoring Love" event ( July 26-28, 2012 ) at Cowboys Stadium. Buy some shirts - help the cause. ;)

As Beck says: "PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR HEART IS". God save the Republic.

Being a lifelong MA resident, I'm damaged goods. The least I can do is promote someone better than I.

OH - almost forgot .... some GREAT deals on another one of his sites:
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