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PostBy: lowfog01 On: Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:23 pm

KLook wrote:Its all about separating you from more of your money Bub. I feel your pain of trying to move but I am. Come hell or high water I will be gone from NE this summer. The cesspool of Boston and NY just keeps rippling out. If it reaches to Chattanooga we are doomed.


Hi Kevin,

You are going to love Chattanooga!. My parents live just over the GA line. Life moves at a much slower pace. You'll learn the language fast (they speak Southern ;) ) and then you will love it there. Good choice!
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PostBy: SMITTY On: Wed Feb 01, 2012 2:31 pm

My buddy & I were on the phone talking about the differences between MA & the rest of the USA. It's just amazing how different everything is once you leave the northeast. People are friendly, pace is slower, more churches & American made vehicles. Just a 180° difference.

He was telling me about the year he lived in FL. He walked into this breakfast place for the first time, & was blown away by how everyone greeted he & his wife like they'd been coming there for years. I recall the same in truck stops going cross-country. Up here everyone is pissed off & in an all-fire hurry to go nowhere. I remember going to TN as a kid. We were all laughing when a car stopped and let us cross the street in downtown Nashville. My father couldn't believe it. Can you believe they actually stop & let us cross the road??? The guy even gave us a wave too! We still talk about that day even now. Up here you either get clipped by the mirror, or given the finger - usually both.
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PostBy: KLook On: Wed Feb 01, 2012 5:06 pm

Yes, those are very true things about other areas in this country. I was in Kentucky bowhunting for a week a few weeks ago. We found a little hole in the wall for breakfast, opened up early, real sassy waitress and a bunch of vets, retirees, and local up early workers. All giving each other and the waitress a hard time. It was just like my spot here, just had a drawl to the vocabulary. Everywhere I travel around that region it is noticeable how polite people are in general.
Lets see LIsa, Ringgold??Graysville? Flintstone? I have looked all through that region for a house, but I think we will stay across in Tenn. No state taxes, 26 bucks to register our vehicles, Low property taxes, reciprocity for our CC permits, ethanol free gas :shock: ,and more.

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PostBy: lowfog01 On: Wed Feb 01, 2012 7:11 pm

That's the way I'd go too for the same reasons. It's a beautiful area. I know you'll be happy there. Take care, Lisa
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PostBy: Poconoeagle On: Wed Feb 01, 2012 7:50 pm

Boston is tricky but NYC is full of tricks....
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PostBy: theo On: Wed Feb 01, 2012 8:50 pm

Good one poconoeagle !
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