US Listing of Places to Purchase Coal

US listing of places to purchase coal

PostBy: jbrizell On: Wed Feb 08, 2012 11:15 am

I’m fairly new to this list so I’m not sure whether this is the correct forum to send this request. If not, would someone suggest the correct forum. In any case, I’m part owner of Johnny’s Coal and we’re into our second year of selling coal. We currently have our own website and do our fair share of advertizing. We receive many calls and emails from desperate folks looking for coal from all over the U.S. Although we have shipped coal to NC and CT, it is quite costly to the buyer. In these 2 cases they were more to happy to pay the shipping costs as they were two that were having problems finding coal for sale in their area. I feel just awful when I hear their desperation so I thought I would try to put some sort of listing of places that these folks can get coal from when they are either to far away to deliver and ship to. Is there a place out here on the internet that I could get an extensive listing? I’ve already tried looking for one without success so I’ve decided to start my own which is a lot investigating and research. I’d appreciate anything anyone has to offer and very open to suggestions.
Thanks guys! Jill
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Re: US listing of places to purchase coal

PostBy: steamup On: Wed Feb 08, 2012 4:50 pm

Coal Prices, Coal Quality, Coal Dealer Inquiries and Reviews

This topic has a lot of discussion on coal suppliers.

Reading and Blaschak offer dealer Locaters. ... er-locator

Coal is usually advertised locally through newspapers, swap sheets and yellow pages as it is low profit commodity.
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