Manometer Question

Manometer Question

PostBy: LDPosse On: Thu. Feb. 09, 2012 1:29 am

Are there any manometers that read higher than -.05"? My chimney has a very strong draft. I am using a hand fired stove and MPD, but would like to see my draft #s for reference when setting the MPD.

Prior to 2006, there was an oil fired boiler attached to the chimney, the last time it was checked by the local oil company, the draft reading was -.08"

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Re: Manometer Question

PostBy: Lightning On: Thu. Feb. 09, 2012 3:57 am

The Dwyer Mark II model 25 manometers that alot of us use on here have two "pressure ports", a high side and low side. What I did is leave the high side open and connect the low side to a piece of 18 inch brake line that sticks into my flue pipe between the firebox outlet and the barometric damper. By using the low side on the manometer the negative pressure (draft pressure) is now read on the positive side of the scale that goes up to 3 inches of WC.. Hope this helps :D
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Re: Manometer Question

PostBy: WNY On: Thu. Feb. 09, 2012 6:29 am

As above, the standard Mark II model 25 reads up to 3" of water which is normally MORE than enough for any chimney, you just hook up the ports backwards, so it reads POSITIVE, that the way most of us run it.

Read thru the MANOMETER INSTALL thread. A lot of good information there.

manometer install
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