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PostBy: rberq On: Mon. Sep. 23, 2013 7:03 pm

Rex wrote:I felt the same as you regarding the side screens.

I bought my DS 1300 direct from the manufacturer. I didn't like the side screens either, but DSM was happy to paint them flat black for me so they match the stove color. As I recall they charged me $20 or $30 extra.
Rex wrote:As for the circulating tubes....they simply make a lot of sense!

The tubes add significant radiant/conductive surface area, which is great, but IMHO they don't actually do much circulating. Others may disagree. Personally I use a pedestal fan to increase circulation.
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Re: DS Machine Vs Hitzer

PostBy: Jersey John On: Mon. Oct. 21, 2013 8:43 pm

Rex wrote:Hi Jersey John,

So entering now into our almost 2nd year with the DS 1500, we are still happy with the DS 1500. Maybe its the lack of extream colder temps, but it does seem to be saving me in coal in the long run. Like mentioning before, I feel its more airtight and controls the fire better in wind conditions. I also now can say we are very pleased with low burn temps. The unit can burn well in the early fall and late spring without issue, meaning it seems as though I can burn lower temps in the DS than when we had the 50-93. Maybe because the DS is more air tight that allows this. I felt the same as you regarding the side screens. Now its not even an issue or concern, as I like how it does protect little hands from accidently direct touching the sides to this stove.

The ash does miss the pan on the right side a bit. No real biggie, just an additional cleanup maybe once a month or so. The glass also stays cleaner over a longer period of time.

Good luck!! Have you made your decision.


Indeed! Not only have I made my decision...but the fact remains, any fine built coal stove will meet everyone's needs! Very satisfied that I decided on the DS1500 though I would have enjoyed the Hitzer as well. What I particularly like is the bi metalic damper which allows me to simply set the heat output and once the stove is under full heat, it adjusts itself. I also have a barometric damper installed, which with minimal adjustments seem to be the perfect combination to keep the fires glowing.

I've been excited about the temperature dropping enough to keep a good draft so I could enjoy an overnight burn into the next day...but, with the evening temps dropping into the low 40s to mid 30s, I've managed to create unbelievable warmth that my home has never had...and even banked down and a few windows open, kept the fires hot for the next load.

I did make one mistake...newbies do. I overloaded the coals this afternoon...so, simply removed 1/2 of my load...and nursed the fire back with some kindling, and the bottom door ajar...and now, sitting in my office with the blue flames dancing, have been slowly adding back the load I accidentally dumped all at once. The nuances and delicacy of returning the fire is very satisfying...and with a glass of wine and Pandora music playing while I work....can't think of a better way to enjoy the warmth my stove is producing..

That being said...from a newbie point of view, the DS 1500 rocks!

Jersey John wrote:[quote="Rex"]We have owned both the 50 93 and the DS 1500 circulator. We first purchased a used 50 93 that was built in 1993. We used the Hitzer for 5 years before purchasing a new DS 1500 circulator which we are currently using in our first year. We burn 3 to 4 ton a year.

First, both units are built like a tank and are excellent quality. I had to rebuild the Hitzer with a new hopper ring and replaced the inner steel frame that held the bricks into position when we first purchased the Hitzer. Remember we purchased the Hitzer used so it had many years of usage. I can't say enough by the service received from Hitzer. Excellent customer support and easy to order replacement items.

So now the comparisons. Remember we are only half way into our first year using the DS Circulator so obviously nothing has gone wrong with the stove or know of its true durability. I can only assume by the other users in this form, I'll have many years of solid performance yet to come. The DS Circulator seems more air tight. Without getting into a discussion over dampers, the DS Circulator holds its temp more steadily in windy conditions. This might be different with other users and chimney styles, etc, but something I observed. Also I feel the Hitzer had more steel inside its firebox, but nothing that couldn't be replaced as I pointed out. Maybe its the style of grates, but the DS Circultor burns the coal more completely between my 12hr shakes, meaning more ash and less coal in the pan. I like the ash pan better on the DS Circulator plus I had the DS company customize a lid that I place over the ash pan. This helps when I walk in the living room with the ash pan and no longer get dust kicked up from the pan while walking. The DS Circulator has a tendency to have more puff backs after a shakedown. This was a bit scary at first but now know how to control this, thanks to this forum. Now after each shakedown I crack the door a bit until the blue flame appears. I never experienced puff backs with the Hitzer, maybe because the DS Circulator has a more airtight firebox.

Good luck! You will be pleased with your decision.

With the intent on purchasing a non blower radiant stove, I've mainly focused on the 50-93. While shopping for a fair price, just found a dealer willing to deliver to my home for less than anyone else in the area including Lehmann who had the best price prior to talking to this dealer. With tax, the price of the radiant then is $1643 delivered to my home.

However, with the posts above, recommending the DS 1500 if you're going with a non blower stove, I'm intrigued to learn more. Never knew the D S Machines existed until last week while visiting a local Coal supplier who also carries both stoves and a handful of stokers. Though I didn't particularly care for the wire sides, I found the stove design to be pleasing enough, and since it's going into a basement, not really an issue. As for the circulating tubes....they simply make a lot of sense! Add to that the fact that they're Amish made and have a solid reputation, I'm very interested.

So, since you were 1/2 way into your season with your last post, wanted to know your impression after a full season of heating with the DS 1500, which I can purchase locally for $1499.00 plus tax. I've been quite connected to Hitzer having started a long running thread back in 2007, but am simply looking for the best stove for my money, as well as one that does not rely on electricity for it's optimum output.

Look forward to your reply.
Jersey John
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Re: DS Machine Vs Hitzer

PostBy: ridgeracing On: Mon. Oct. 21, 2013 9:11 pm

After completed my 1st season last year, I love my DS1600WH! I do not get the PUFF backs like some people have noted.
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