Never Miss an Opportunity to Keep Your Mouth Shut

Re: Never Miss an Opportunity to Keep Your Mouth Shut

PostBy: I'm On Fire On: Thu. Feb. 16, 2012 2:44 pm

AA130FIREMAN wrote:
Rob R. wrote: I have seen them in action in the "bumble bee" class at the demolition derby...I think the kazoo-like noise would give me a headache in less than a mile.
I think the sould is more like a weed eater going up the highway :lol: I have to snicker a little when I see a bunch of kids hanging out at night at a gas station with their hoods open, I often felt like asking where they wind up the rubber band ? Not like when I was young with the chevelles, novas and such. Put a new muffler on the little buzz bombs and they'll add 200hp. Mufflers that are bigger then their engine :lol:

I completely agree. But I missed the boat with true muscle being born at the tail end of the seventies. So, when I hit that age all I could afford was a mini Mopar. It's not the same but the technology is there to get the power to the wheels in a four banger if it's done right. I sunk a lot of money into my Neon to get it to break 300 horsepower. It was fun to do once.
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Re: Never Miss an Opportunity to Keep Your Mouth Shut

PostBy: grizzly2 On: Wed. Feb. 22, 2012 8:44 pm

I have three cop stories.

I had just bought a used boat trailer and was towing it home without a licence plate. I met a sherif car and saw him pull a U turn as I went past him. I pulled off on the shoulder before he even got to me. He asked why I didn't have a licence plate and I told him I had just bought the trailer and was headed straight home with it. He said "you can't do that, you have to have a plate". I told him I had bought used cars and towed them home without a plate. He said "you can do that" . So I said it made sence to me that I could therefore tow home a trailer I had just bought. So we went back to his patrol car and he got out a book and looked it up and could not find and exception for trailers. He didn't give me a ticket. I think he saw my point. I then asked him how I could get it to an inspection station to get the required inspection done in order to get it licenced. He said "oh just tow it". The guy had common sence and was real nice about the whole thing.

My wife was driving me to the hospital as I writhed in agony (from kidney stones) in the front passengers seat of our car. She was doing 70 in a 55 when we saw we were overtaking a state police car. I told my wife to just keep going. When we got maybe 50 yards behind the plolice car he pulled onto the shoulder of the road and just let us go by at 70. We had the 4 way flashers going at the time. Another good guy with good judgement.

I was driving home this past summer and came upon a stop and go State Trooper car checkpoint. I stopped next to a tall blond attractive female trooper. I rolled down my window and looked up at her and just said " I didn't do it" and she burst out laughing as her colleague waved me on.
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